Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bubble Dye Origami Paper - Rescuing the Recycling!


Newspaper (to lay out)
Dish Soap
Food Coloring
Paper headed for the recycling bin
Big Spoon

1. Lay out the newspaper so that you don’t make a mess.
2. Lay out your supplies.
3. In each bowl, put 3 spoonfuls of water, 1 spoonful of dish soap, and 2 pinches of salt.
4. Then, add the food coloring. A few drops should be enough.
a. For our purposes, we want to have pink, purple and yellow. For purple, we’ll need to have a few drops of red and a few drops of blue. Yellow comes straight out of the bottle. And for pink, I think we should use red, add another teaspoon of water, and then a tiny, tiny drop of blue.
5. Here comes the fun part. Using straws, mix all these ingredients together and then blow bubbles, mixing them up to get small and big bubbles together. Don’t let the bubbles overflow!
6. Now that you have bubbles, get out your paper and put the bubbles on the paper any way you can! You can press the paper onto the bubbles, or you can use a spoon to scoop the bubbles onto the paper.
7. You can get multiple colors by simply putting all the different bubbles onto your paper. All you need to do now is let the bubbles dry up on the paper, and you’ll get lovely paper like this!

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